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About Us

Buckhead Elite Training Studio is owned and operated by Beau Lotz and Jay Broxton. Together they have  years of experience in the health and fitness industry.

Beau Lotz has long been sought after by professional athletes from various sports including;  football, baseball, basketball, barefoot skiing, lacrosse, racecar circuit, soccer, swimming, tennis, track, wrestling, and wakeboarding. Beau has trained both professional and amateur athletes, clients in peak physical condition, to those who are serious but are just getting started. Because Beau participated in a European exchange program between a select group of prestigious European, American scientists and coaches, he is able to offer his clients the most effective training techniques from around the globe.

Jay Broxton has been changing bodies for over 12 years. Jay is a former athlete who has found a deep passion for fitness and helping others reach their goals.  Jay works with people from all walks of life and brings extensive expertise as well as encouragement to his clients.  Your first session and fitness evaluation is complimentary!

Now that you know our story, let us get to know yours. Come train with us at Buckhead Elite!

Buckhead Elite is a  3,000 square foot studio in the heart of Buckhead. To maintain the intimacy and personal experience, Buckhead Elite caps the number of clients in the studio at any given time so there is no overcrowding. All of our trainers are put through extensive interviews to prove they are among the elite trainers in Atlanta. That is why we can proudly say we are home to the most elite and qualified personal trainers in the city. Our clients are offered top notch, one-on-one personal training programs customized for their goals and all in an invigorating environment.
Phone: (678)249-7379




Recovery is just a few steps away with Cryo Elite Therapy located inside Buckhead Elite Training Studio. 
A short 3 minute session burns up to 850 calories while reducing whole body inflammation, flushing out toxins and increasing your metabolism.    Our clients see consistent results through repeated visits allowing for faster recovery from a workout or daily stressors of life. 
Phone: 404-600-5926



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